19th Century Anti-Semitism Revisited

By Katherine Smith, PhD

The following excerpt from Adolph Hitler: Providence, Miracle, or What Really Happened should have included a footnote:

What is more unusual: on March 24 1933 the RothIsms without consulting Jews in Germany or for that matter Jews anywhere in the world, "Declare War On Germany" on the front page of the London Daily Express. We know they did not consult German Jews because since the Emancipation Edict of 1822, Jews were guaranteed all civil rights enjoyed by Germans. You can guess which country offered Jews a refuge from Russia when the Communist coup failed in 1905... Germany. [3.5]

Footnote 3.5 is relevant because of the recent article in the the NY Times about why the CIA was inept or just stupid when they created a "safe haven" for Nazis, believed to be of use to the US' Cold War efforts.

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